Best Outdoor Dome CCTV Cameras in the UK (2023 Review)

We have become accustomed to CCTV systems being almost everywhere we go, but for most of us, we do not really know too much about them and their different types.

Most people are familiar with the ones they see in shops or outside buildings, the cameras we are going to be looking at today are outdoor dome cameras.

Best Outdoor Dome CCTV Camera

CCTV Cameras are used in both private and Business CCTV and are a vital part of a wider security system.

In this short guide, we will be looking at reviewing 5 different outdoor Dome Cameras and suggesting their best usage for different companies, along with some pros and cons for each.

So, you’ll learn:

  • Best Outdoor Dome Camera for CCTV
  • CCTV Outdoor Dome Camera Basics
  • How CCTV Outdoor Dome Cameras Work
  • Finding the Best Outdoor Dome Cameras
  • Reviews – Best Outdoor Dome Cameras for CCTV
  • Summary – CCTV Outdoor Dome Cameras

Overall #1 Pick Outdoor Dome Camera for CCTV

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on your CCTV cameras and each company will have its own preferences and budget. With this in mind, we have chosen a feature heavy and cost-effective model.

Ctronics 1080p Dome Camera

So, our top pick for an outdoor dome camera for CCTV is the Ctronics 1080p Dome Camera. This model not only comes with high praise in the reviews, but a ton of functionality and flexibility. 

With the wide angle, 90 degree tilt, and almost 360 degree pan, you will have a huge area covered with this one unit.

Features like human detection and auto tracking make this a great dome camera for any business looking to sure up their defenses.

These not only limit fake alarms but also mean that anyone passing by the camera remains in the centre of the frame. With the addition of colour night vision, you will feel secure throughout the day and night.

Our Top Outdoor Dome CCTV Cameras

Ctronics 1080p PTZ Dome Camera (Our Top Pick)

Milbao 1296p Wifi Camera  (Best for Simplicity)

Reolink 5MP PoE CCTV Camera (Best for Small Businesses)

ZOSI 1080p CCTV & DVR (Best for Larger Businesses)

Jennov Colour CCTV Camera (Best Budget)

What is an Outdoor Dome Camera?

A Dome Camera is a type of CCTV device which is commonly used in both indoor and outdoor surveillance. They are popular in retail settings and a lot of other indoor security efforts, but they are equally well suited for outdoors if they are designed appropriately.

As the name suggests, they are a small semi-circle or ‘dome’ shape, they are often used because of their wide coverage range and ability to spin up to 360 degrees. They are often encased in a protective outer housing to protect the camera.

Dome Cameras are one of the major styles of CCTV cameras and alongside Bullet Cameras, Domes make up a huge percentage of the market. 

There is a lot of debate whether Dome or Bullet Cameras are better, the oversimplification is that it depends on your business and what you are looking for. 

There are no definitive answers in the surveillance and security industry, what works for one business may be too expensive or unnecessary for another.

Benefits of Outdoor Dome Cameras 

Let’s look at a few of the major benefits of outdoor Dome Cameras, this will give you a good understanding of why people decide on these CCTV units.

Wide Coverage Range

Most of these cameras can cover a vast area and have the ability to rotate almost 360 degrees around so you can keep an eye on a bigger radius.


The majority of outdoor Dome Cameras will prioritise offering some form of protection against the elements or at least a casing that is resistant to water and or dust.

Blends In

Whether you want it to be discreet, or not ruin the aesthetics of your building the Dome Cameras are a great solution. They are often much less intrusive and smaller than other units. 


As a rule of thumb a Dome Camera is much less prone to being vandalised or getting damaged due to the protective housing and the fact the cables are often not exposed, unlike other camera types.

Secure Your Property

A fairly obvious benefit is the fact that you will have a much more secure environment, and security cameras can be used as both a proactive and reactive measure to crime, deterring would-be intruders before they step foot.

There are a lot of types of CCTV cameras and each business will have its own preference, but Dome Cameras are useful and applicable in a range of locations, businesses, and situations.

How Does an Outdoor Dome CCTV Camera Work?

A standard Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) is used for surveillance and security purposes for both private and commercial usage. They capture raw information and transfer it into video data and save it on a device such as a DVR or NVR.

Dome Cameras as a rule are typically built to work in low-light or dark conditions as well as in the daytime, this is due to their infrared LED technology.

These units will often have varifocals lenses which give greater flexibility to adjust the camera lens to the range that best suits you, paired with their wide coverage range, they are incredibly versatile.

The key difference from a regular Dome Camera is the additional features designed to be used outside, from being water or weatherproof to having long range night vision. 

What Do You Look for in the Best Outdoor Dome CCTV Cameras?

It might come as a surprise that almost 50% of burglaries are unplanned and are just opportunistic decisions, which means it’s even more imperative to have a visible surveillance system.


As with all business decisions, a budget will always impact your final choice. With this being said, you need to find a balance between price and quality, never go cheap on your security. 


An important factor when shopping for outdoor CCTV cameras, you want to ensure that your device can survive in a range of conditions. If you choose an option that is not water or weatherproof, keep it under some cover or a roof.

Night Vision  

Having a camera that works around the clock is vital, as you are most likely to need surveillance in the night time when visibility is much lower. Not limiting yourself by picking a model with low or no night vision is key to remember.


Some cameras have built in audio so you can hear the feed, so this might be something that sways your decision. In addition, some cameras have two-way audio which allows you to communicate via the camera, so you can ward off criminals or talk to delivery drivers or guests.

Human Tracking

There are a few ways to customise your cameras so you do not get as many false alarms. Features such as human detection which can track people’s movement might help you decide on your camera.

Additional Features

Each camera has its own features and benefits, so if there is something you are on the lookout for, then keep an eye out.

Best Outdoor Dome CCTV Cameras Reviewed

Ctronics 1080p PTZ Dome Camera (Our Top Pick)


If you are on the market for a high-performing outdoor Dome Camera, then look no further. This model has a range of features that are great for any size business or private usage.

This Ctronics Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera gives you a wide flexibility and coverage radius alongside an easy setup regardless of your previous experience with CCTV or electronics.

The picture quality is excellent and the camera can be linked to a smartphone app and viewed as long as you have access to the internet. 

The camera is clearly built with durability in mind with the addition of the heat dissipation and weatherproofing alongside the quality materials on the housing.

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ 1080p full HD and 2-way audio
+ Supports smartphones, tablets, and desktops for easy access wherever you are
+ 4 lights and 5 infrareds to give clear visibility 24/7
+ Designed for outdoors with heat dissipation and waterproof body
+ Huge range of motion (355 degree spin and 90 degree tilt)
– Only works with 2.4Ghz WiFi (5Ghz networks will be incompatible)

Milbao 1296p WiFi Camera (Best for Simplicity)


There are some really nice features on this outdoor Dome Camera and it is definitely worth your time if you are on the hunt for a simple but effective CCTV setup.

The free app means you can feel secure wherever you go and keep tabs on your security remotely. With the addition of two-way communication, you can easily speak to any intruders, guests, or delivery drivers.

The IP66 Weather Rating means it is protected from foreign bodies such as water, dust, or debris to a fairly high level, thus making it a perfect camera for outdoor mounting.

AI Motion Tracking technology allows you to be notified when a large object is moving past your camera, and with the customisable settings, you can ensure you limit false notifications. 

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Motion detection controls help reduce false alarms
+ HD video with night vision
+ Works with Alexa
+ 2-way audio – ear and communicate both ways
+ 360° horizontal and 110° vertical viewing range
– The camera speaker can be very loud (via the 2-way audio)

Reolink 5MP PoE CCTV Camera (Best for Small Businesses)


A popular brand in the small business and home security circles, Reolink has carved out its own niche and knows exactly who it is aimed at.

The various modes are very user-friendly, for instance, you can have 24/7 recording or just motion recording, which as the name suggests, only records when something triggers it.

The HD fixed lens provides crisp images throughout the day and night, with wide viewing angles and a vertical of 58° you should be well covered.

The PoE design means it is easy to install as both the power and the data is transferred via one cable as opposed to two. PoE CCTV is becoming much more popular in the security industry in recent years.

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Up to 35m night vision range
+ Buillt in microphone picks up sound with ease
+ PoE installation for ease of set up
+ IP66 Waterproof
+ Smart motion detection technology
– Can ‘steal’ bandwidth on slower/older internet connections
– If set up incorrectly can give false alarms at night

ZOSI 1080p CCTV & DVR (Best for Larger Businesses)


We have chosen this recommendation to add some variety to our list, this is for a larger company that is looking for a full CCTV setup.

This comes complete with 4 outdoor Dome Cameras and an HD Digital Video Recorder, so works perfectly as a starter kit for a company looking at installing their CCTV.

This security system has a range of features from video compression technology to reduce file sizes to 1080p recordings, to customisable cameras for different locations and sensitivity.

The night vision mode has around 25m coverage in darkness and 40m in ambient light, meaning you will be covered in any weather or lighting conditions.

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Waterproof cameras
+ 1080p HD video with night vision
+ Comes with a DVR to link your cameras to
+ Push notifications and instant alerts
+ Can be remotely controlled
– Designed for larger businesses
– More expensive as its a full setup

Jennov Colour CCTV Camera (Best Budget)


If you need a cheaper outdoor Dome Camera then this model should fit the bill. His CCTV camera has slightly fewer features than its more expensive counterparts but still holds its own for the most part.

Despite the lower price tag the durable metal case still holds an IP66 rating. This is fairly standard for this part of the industry as you will see by this rating on more expensive models too.

This camera is a good model for the price and will do for a very simple need for your security, but for not too much more you can get additional features and options.

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Powerful night vision for a cheaper model
+ IP66 waterproof protection
+ High quality metal housing
+ 1200TVL picture (similar to 1080p)
– Lower quality than other options
– Cheaper materials used

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Dome Cameras for CCTV 

Hopefully, now you have a better grasp of the things to look out for, the different models available on the market, and can make the right choice for your company.

Choosing a dome camera for outdoor CCTV should now be a lot easier for you, and you will at least be off to a good start. 

When it comes to security, you should never go for the cheapest option as that will cost you more in the long run. Despite this, you can weigh the pros, cons, and price to find the best camera for you.

Here at Upcoming Security, we aim to break down more complex security topics into much more digestible pieces to make the industry accessible to everyone. 

We are here to help not to cast a veil over the work we do. If you are interested in learning more about CCTV and other systems, check out our other Security Blogs and Guides.

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